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    Obtaining your first bond or looking to increase your existing bond program can undoubtedly be an exciting and frustrating time. J. Barrington & Associates takes its' time to listen to your situation and will address your circumstances accordingly. Some of you who may be viewing this website has already secured a contract and now you need a bond. Others are either looking to increase their bond program or are looking to be proactive and secure a bonding line before the need arises. The latter two circumstances are the most optimal, however, regardless of what your needs are, J. Barrington & Associates is prepared to resolve your bonding needs.

Recommended Steps:

  1. J. Barrington & Associates operates best if you call and discuss your situation with us.  In making direct contact, we will be able to accurately and appropriately determine our next step.  Please call us at 716-510-6754 or email us for more information at

  2. If you choose not to call, click here for a list of the information we need in order to begin our process of solving your problem.  Contractor Checklist

Subcontractor surety bond program for General Contractors

   General contractors who perform public work, and to a lesser extent private work, are generally faced with the requirement of meeting participation goals. Also, as the need to manage subcontractor risk increases, general contractors may find themselves bonding with subcontractors they have never bonded with before or they may find themselves entertaining a price from a firm they have never worked with.  In all of these cases, one of the biggest obstacles is the inability of subcontractors to obtain bonding and working capital.

  J. Barrington & Associates has an exclusive surety bond and working capital program that will solve this problem.  

Recommended Steps:

   If you are a general contractor and want to know more about this program, please call or email us to schedule a time when we can visit your office or Zoom to give you a presentation. Our number is716-510-6754 and email address is

Public Sector Client/Customers
Surety bond program for public agencies (Race-Neutral Surety Bond Programs)

    Many race-based set-aside or preferential programs have either not passed strict scrutiny and have been deemed unconstitutional or simply do not work. Historical set-aside programs have been put away in favor of race-neutral programs. At J. Barrington & Associates, we believe that no matter what you call it, obtaining surety bonds and working capital are systemic impediments that prevent small, minority, and women owned firms from participating in construction projects.

    J. Barrington & Associates has developed a “Needs-Based” surety program that assists in providing bonding for those who demonstrate a need. The “need” does not contemplate a specific race or gender but rather as the saying goes, “he who makes the most noise will get the attention.” Translation, if the minority community express the greatest need, then they will get the greatest attention otherwise, there is no need to complain.

    The objective of our program is to help increase minority, women and small business enterprise participation on construction and commercial projects. The program does this by assisting small and emerging contractors in obtaining bonding and financing for construction and commercial projects. The ideal community to be served by our program are Urban Communities that have suffered from slum and blight over the last few decades. There is a renewed commitment by the Housing and Urban Development Agency to target these communities with the objective of improving the quality of life of the residents. Further, we have seen a wave of school construction and reconstruction that would greatly benefit from our surety program.

Recommended Steps:

If you are a local legislator, city council member, or political activist and want to know more about our Race-Neutral Surety Bond Program, please call or e-mail us at 716-510-6754 or

Diversity Initiatives
Commercial Surety Bond Program To Meet Internal Supplier Diversity Initiatives

    Our research concludes that corporations are implementing diversity programs at an increasing rate.  Diversity, by its very nature and definition, is multidirectional and multidimensional. In order to be effective, a corporate diversity initiative must emulate the definition of the word and include all diversity related components including contracting for professional services.

    At J. Barrington & Associaetes, we have the experience and technology to manage simple and complex commercial surety bond programs for fortune 2500 companies.  As a result, it is our desire to take part in Supplier Diversity initiatives with corporations that continue to explore and increase opportunities with a diverse range of suppliers.  

   Our goal is to participate in the servicing of the corporations surety program.  Additionally, J. Barrngton & Associates will assist other vendors who wish to do business with the corporation.  J. Barrington & Associates will assist by ensuring that the aspiring diverse firm is able to meet the surety requirements of the corporation.

Recommended Steps:

   If you are a diversity supplier manager and would like more information on how we can assist in participating in your diversity program and how we can help other companies with whom you wish to contract with, please call or e-mail us at 716-510-6754 or

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