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   It has been said that experience is one of the best developers of our lives. When I think back on the myriad encounters thus far in my life, I clearly understand why it was a must to establish this company in an effort to assist others in the areas of construction and commercial bonding. Being able to assist a client through the maze of not only surety bond understanding but business organization and structure as well is quite rewarding.
    As a one-time Ironworker, I was active in the construction trade across the United States ann South America. Years of involvement in this industry taught me the importance of construction company owners having the ability to obtain adequate construction financing, surety, and bond guarantees. I grew to know many minority craftsmen who could do the work but lacked the ability to obtain adequate bonding and or financing. Without this ability, many of these artisans eventually fell by the wayside or were covered by the general contractor providing no opportunity to create a relationship with and Surety issuing company.

    Years later, working for the City of Buffalo in New York as Vice President of its' Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corporation, I had the responsibility of assisting in the development of all small and medium-sized businesses with special emphasis on Women/Minorities. I quickly became aware of just how difficult the process of obtaining bonding, financing, and insurance really was. Since 911 the process has become even more difficult with surety/bonding companies taking even harder looks at construction companies. Additionally, there are fewer surety issuers participating in the bonding process largely due to the level of claims post 911. It is not at all unusual for companies that have had the ability to obtain bonding for years to be turned down in today's climate.

    J. Barrington & Associates seeks to make a difficult process as painless as possible by partnering with numerous surety firms like Willis, ACE, USA, Hartford, AcStar and Westchester Fire, etc. These are but a few of the agencies used to assemble the best possible deal for our clients. Let us make a difference for you by assisting in increasing your bottom line.
Let Us Work with you and your company

The ability to do the work, although important, is not at the t0p of our list when examining a potential client. A review of the company structure, personal, banking, insurance, past projects, and project completion. Payment of subs and any past claims are just some of the areas we examine. Although writing a bond is important the owner's knowledge of business structuring is of the utmost importance.
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J. Barrington & Associates
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